COVID 19: Return to Class Guidelines

Last updated: 11th September 2020

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Following closely Government & IDTA guidelines we are now ready to return to class. Although many restrictions have been lifted we want to ensure classes remain as safe as possible so we will have the following extra measures in place (all measures are subject to change).


Entry to the venue for Think Dance Stars Classes – Potterspury Village Hall


- Ingress will be via the rear door only.

- Please observe social distancing when waiting to enter the building and use the markers as a visual guide.

-The wearing of face coverings for 11yrs and over is recommended but not essential when in the venue.

- Children under the age of 14 must be checked in by one parent/ guardian. We ask if a sibling needs to be present that they always remain with the parent/ guardian and social distancing is maintained.

- To maintain a one-way system, we ask parents/ guardians to then continue walking forward and not to walk back down the line. Parents/ guardians should avoid entering the hall unless necessary.

- There will be a hand sanitising station at the arrival point. We ask that dancers please sanitise their hands upon entry.

- Children must not attend a session if they or anyone in their household has had COVID-19 symptoms in the last 48hrs. If a dancer has a positive COVID test they must use the Test and Trace system to alert others with whom they have been in contact. Please visit for more information. If a positive COVID test result is recorded within 48hrs of attending class please advise Charlotte at Think Dance directly so the appropriate action can be taken. Additionally, if they have not been attending school due to another illness (not COVID related) or you are self- isolating then they should not come to class.

- Egress will be via the front door. All other doors will be propped open to reduce contact points. A one- way system will be in operation. Children will be handed to their parents one by one. Please observe social distancing while waiting.

- Children should be collected promptly from outside the exit as we cannot be responsible for any student outside of their lesson time. Please contact us as soon as you can if you are to be delayed.

- Attendance of classes is by pre- booking only

- As the waiting areas will be closed, we request dancers and parents wait outside at the appropriate points until they are called in or their child is delivered to them.


Use of common areas and restrooms


- The waiting area in the venue will still remain closed until further notice, this is to limit the total number of people in the building. We encourage you to either wait in your car, go for a walk, or return home.

- Use of the restrooms is discouraged unless necessary. We would ask you to encourage your child to go to toilet at home before attending class.

- Access to the kitchen is limited to Think Dance staff only.

Cleaning of venue and entryways


- The venue will be thoroughly cleaned with antibacterial product before the start of classes.

- In between each class, all door handles and any seating used will be cleaned with antibacterial cleaner.


Social distancing during lessons


- Partner dancing may resume but still needs to be approached with caution.

- Partner dancing for the Think Dance Stars class will be at the parent/ guardian’s discretion. This question will be asked at the child’s first session. You must notify us if this changes or you do not wish your child to do partner work.

- Antibacterial gel will be used when changing partners

- Our group classes no longer require individual dance spaces, meaning that progressive and travelling dance movements can resume.

- Face coverings and other PPE are not required whilst dancing. However, they may be worn by dancers and/or teachers if preferred/requested.

- There will be antibacterial gel available throughout the lesson.




- There will be no access to the kitchen and refreshment facilities as this cannot be properly monitored whilst teaching.

- There will be no communal water or squash jugs available. Dancers are encouraged to bring their own drinks.


Personal property


- All personal property is always to be kept with dancers including coats, bags, personal belongings. There will be allocated chairs for your items and use, which will be sanitised in-between sessions.

-Dance shoes, plimsolls or light training shoes must be worn. Bare feet will not be allowed. Jazz Shoes are available to purchase direct from Think Dance

- The use of communal equipment/ props will be reintroduced with additional cleaning protocols in place.

- Dancers and teachers must arrive in their dance attire as changing facilities will not be available.


Booking and payment


- Lessons must be pre-booked and paid for in a half-term block

- Trial sessions are now available. These require pre-booking and payment for a single class. Single payment is only available for one session. After this half term block payments will apply.

- Payment can be made via BACS

- In the event of the venue being closed due to COVID-19 dancers will be notified by email or text. We will try to give as much notice as possible.

- In the event of another lockdown or government directive classes will be moved online.


Please contact Charlotte on 07736 935554 or email if you have any questions.


Contact Us

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Charlotte Howell

Think Dance Academy


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