Why Dance?

Physical Health Benefits
  • improved muscle tone and strength 

  • endurance

  • motor and aerobic fitness

Kids Running
Cognitive Development
  • Improves mental dexterity

  • Learning new movements enables them to absorb ideas better and their ability to hold on to that information

  • Shown to build new neural pathways

  • Improves memory and reasoning skills

  • Develop the ability to recognise patterns

  • Encourages creativity and imagination

In the Classroom
Social and Emotional
  • Self- expression

  • Builds self-esteem and confidence

  • Can make children feel fearless

  • Awareness of their body

  • Spatial awareness

  • Shown to increase serotonin levels

Pinwheel Kids
Speech and Language
  • Adding to vocabulary e.g. dance terms

  • Being involved in a group performance promotes and builds the skills needed for teamwork

  • Non-verbal communication represents two-thirds of all communication. Children learn through dance how to express themselves through physical movements as well as verbal expressions

  • Develop listening skills

Stacking Blocks
Gross Motor Skills
  • Introduce, develop and improve gross motor skills e.g. jumping, skipping, balance

Fine Motor Skills
  • Introduce, develop and improve fine motor skills e.g. using props for the children to hold and move while dancing

Group Coloring

We asked Charlotte for a dance session as part of a staff wellbeing event and she did not disappoint. From the word go, Charlotte was able to accommodate our needs and on the day brought the vibes and moves of salsa. Not forgetting props that were enjoyed by all! The session was fantastic with so much laughter and team bonding. Charlotte brought out the best in us with her creativity, warm and welcoming manner and love for dance. Thank you.



Salsa Wellbeing Session




Mrs S Fordham MRCOT, Community Services Manager

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust